Wednesday, 21 November 2012

November is travelling month..

Salam all..alhamdulillah sempat juga nk update blog I yg dh lama x hari ni   post without pic dulu lah..sbb pic sume dlm laptop n I'm using new smartphone now..heh..*I've buy birthday gift in advance to my hsbnd but I also got same model for my birthday gift..tq syg..dis yr dpt 2 gift yg sgt berharga..I know u love me sooo much!!..ok2 ke laut sudah..Lari tajuk dh..hihi..oh ya bln nov ni plg byk I travel..every week!! Start from darwin..then short notice to carry out audit at Langkawi..ok bw si kecik n mak skali..blk dr sana, cuti2 Terengganu..ini plan dr last month lg..rindu tmpt I study dulu..after 6yrs br sempat visit..sehari blk dr Miri pulak..and now I tgu nk check out n fly back to KL..luckily I've to attend short course nx week..if not kene fly lg to Labuan..xnk der..trgt si kecik yg sgt bijak bermain emosi I..oh noooo..miss him badly...

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